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Olympian Auto Repair Testimonials

Olympian Auto Repair has many satisfied customers and this is what they have to say.

Blown away

"These guys really made an impression. I came to Idaho Falls to buy a car and needed some pre-purchase inspections done. They worked me in and took great care of me. Their knowledge was pretty mind blowing, sort of like listening to Click and Clack on NPR. Even watching how they treated the other customers was impressive. Highly recommend."
by Thomas S. - 5 Stars

Great customer service

"Great customer service. Timely repairs, reasonably priced. All around best mechanic shop I've ever worked with. Recommended highly."
by Amy L. - 5 Stars

I highly recommend them!

"Being an out-of-state college student, I was hesitant to take my car anywhere. After reading much reviews, I decided on Jon's. Everyone here was incredibly friendly and provided excellent customer service. They took me in with no problems, they looked at my car, ordered the part I needed, and gave me a quote right there. They told me to think about it, and let them know what I wanted to do. They worked quick and did an awesome job to ensure my car was fixed right. They also gave me a sweet deal without trying to take advantage of me, being that i'm a girl and a college student. Really great trustworthy people here. I would go here again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend them!"
by Cami M. - 5 Stars

Excellent service

"My wife and I were on a trip to yellowstone and my serpentine belt snapped. Since were not from the area I started calling every shop near by but no one was even willing to look at my car till later that week or some the next week. I had called olympian and they missed my but shortly after I received a call back from them. I told them my situation and they told me to bring it in. They definitely had lots of cars to work on but they still made time to look at my car. They took a look and then they fit me in their schedule that day. The other great thing is that it was close to closing so they had one of their employees stay almost an hour after closing to get it all finished up rather than coming back the next day. These guys literally saved our vacation. I definitely recommend their shop, they did great work and their customer service was over the top."
by Kyle S. - 5 Stars

I found my new mechanic!

“I like most people hate taking my car into see a mechanic. For whatever reason it always seems like I end up paying way too much for stuff that I didn’t even know about. Two days before a family vacation to Colorado the check engine light came on in our car. I used my Blackberry to access yellowbook.com and found Jon at Jon’s Auto Repair. I told him my issue and he said he’d be able to get me in. Long story short… he took a look at my car and it turned out nothing was even wrong. He reset the light, gave me an oil change and had me out the door in no time. He didn’t even charge me for checking out the service light. It’s nice to know that there is an honest mechanic out there! I plan on taking all my vehicles to Jon in the future.”
by IDF YB – 12/20/2010

My Car runs like new again!

“I was turned on to Jon’s Auto by a very good friend of mine who owns a car dealership and sends all his cars to be serviced and repaired their. If you are like me who knows very little about cars it can be hard to find a fair, honest mechanic that you can trust to not jerk you around. I took my car into Jon (The Owner) who actually answers the phone when you call in. My car had been making some really strange noises for months. He diagnosed and test drove my car FOR FREE!! no strings attached, told me what needed to be fixed, ordered the parts and had my car back to me all with-in 24 hours. Killing any of the next closest estimate that I got. It drives like it did when I bought it brand new a few years ago. Jon is a great guy I recommend him to my family and friends, and will continue taking my cars to him for what ever they need.”
by Matthew82 – 09/02/2010


“I own a Car Buying Service and when I need any work done on any of my customers cars, I always go to Jon’s. He does great work. I will continue to use him.”
by Chris Murphy – 03/13/2010

This is my new mechanic

“I was having trouble with my turn signal (it wouldn’t flash) so I called Jon and he told me what he thought the problem was. I stopped by the next day and he remembered me. It turned out to be just a problem with the bulb, as he’d thought, so he had me relax in his nice (and clean) waiting room while we waited for the NAPA part guy to show up with the bulb. (He was due to deliver some parts that morning.) The waiting room has free bottled water and pop, and a tv/vcr/dvd combo with lots of movies to watch, if you want. There was even a Playstation! After a few minutes, when the part still hadn’t arrived, Jon called to check on it. He told NAPA that if their delivery guy hadn’t left yet that he would send someone to come get the bulb because he wanted it right away. The part showed up a few minutes later, and he fixed my turn signal good as new. When I asked what I owed him, he said, “Nothing. Just bring it back.” And I will. He is my new mechanic! What I think is so amazing is that he was in such a hurry to fix something he wasn’t even going to charge me for; he was even willing to go pick up the part, and all this for nothing! I’ll be back!”
by sandibeek – 03/10/2010

Excellent Service!

“I recently had to take my VW Jetta in to get a tune up and some repairs as we were experiencing some difficulties with it. Jon did an amazing job in fixing it up and kept the costs low as well as informed us and showed us the parts he replaced and the damage done to them from wear and tear. He was very polite and displayed excellent service when handling us. The place was clean and net and gave a very welcoming feeling. I would highly recommend anyone to Jon’s Auto Repair for any repairs needed to their vehicle.”
by Michelle Gillings – 02/16/2010

Jon is the best!!!

“I take all my cars from my used car lot to Jons, and he is great. I never have to worry about a car I sell having problems because I know that Jon has already fixed any problems. He is fair and honest and I will tell everyone to go see Jon.”
by mvautobuyers – 12/23/2010

Great Customer Service

“We had our company vehicle serviced here at Jon’s auto repair and the quality of work was outstanding and the cost was very reasonable. The repairs were done in a timely manner and we will definitely have more work done here when the opportunity arises. We felt we were treated honestly and really left feeling like we were part of the family. Thanks Jon’s Auto!”
by Cleartalk – 04/10/2009


“This is a great shop and a great mechanic! Not all of us out here are always comfortable walking into a shop, but I felt completely comfortable in choosing Jon to work on my baby when it needed it, and I will continue to do so in the future for problems and just general maintenance. I am absolutely satisfied with the work and parts that I needed, the time it took to complete the job, and of course the bill that we all fear. The shop is very clean and organized, and it’s almost as if time itself stood still when I walked in, as their full attention was quickly directed to helping me diagnose and fix my baby up right. “
by MIssLindsey – 04/07/2009

Olympian Auto Repair

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